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Covered Call Writing
The Strategy Of The Super Rich
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I first learned about writing covered calls in the early 80s from the husband of a very wealthy heiress. You would recognize the family name. If you watch any PBS TV station, you’ll see it listed among those who endowed trusts to underwrite various educational programs.

This strategy has been the secret of the super rich for a long time, but the public hardly ever hears about it. The rich use it to steadily grow their money 15% to 20% per year at very low risk to their considerable fortunes. At 15% per year it only takes 5 years to double your money. At 20%, it takes only 4 years.

There are a lot of gamblers in the stock market. The rich are not among them. They want to keep their money safe while they grow it. How do they do that? By feeding the bad habits of the gamblers in the market. In effect, writing covered calls is like being the “House” at Las Vegas. You let others take the chances, and you take a piece of every transaction.

When you write calls, you are selling a speculator an option to buy stock. Call BUYERS are hoping to make a killing on large stock advances. But this is a very high risk strategy. Statistics show that, typically, 90% of option contracts written on stocks expire worthless. But while the option buyers are losing their money, those who wrote (sold) the calls on those contracts are almost always making money.

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